Reviews for "Landfall"


Thisis diffently a song for ppl fighting blind Wus.

crisp, yet tender

perfect mixture of drums and bass, oh what's that make?

drum n bass, bitches.


cycerin responds:

Haha. Well put. :D


This is definitely a great original piece. I like all of the sounds and how they mesh together to make a complete and interesting audio. Decent job.


The song is good, it just needed more. If you remix this and add some feeling to it, this song would be better. Pretty good, though. It's good for those sci-fi games people always like. (Some are good, but many suck!)

cycerin responds:

Would be a helpful review if you pointed out what you thought the song needed in particular. ;)


The beginning was a little too slow for my liking but once it started to approach 1 min it was pretty good. My one big complaint however is that the whole thing simply seemed to lack any energy. It just didn't seem to be able to keep up any real feeling but rather felt overly hollow while the general direction was spooky/glitchy.

It feels like theres a small keystone missing but other then that, its good =). I think a low, supporting melody might have helped.

cycerin responds:

Well, it is a darkstep song and I didn't want to ornament it too much. But it might have more broad appeal with a bit more melody elements, like you said.

As always, great to hear from you mate :)