Reviews for "Landfall"



Could be a single in the club charts

One of the best things about Castle Crashers is the music, some of the best game audio I've ever heard. Thanks for sharing the soundtrack, I'll be playing it in the car while driving to work ASAP.

I really like

I really liked this song of yours because it was a slower drum and bass, which you don't normaly hear. The background was filled with sound all of the time, and i appreciate it when artists actually try to make thier music good, no cutting corners, and the song turns out good. Plus, its on castle crashers, the rapiest game ever, and i was like i got to get that. Keep it up!!

Very well made

Very well made it reminded me of a scene in half-life 2 "would of been great for that game in my opinion" i'm thinking of using it in my upcoming movie.

not decided yet though keep up the good work >.0


I like how it fades away. 10/10 5/5 downloaded