Reviews for "link from beyond the grave"


This is an epic picture my good sir! xD

dommi-fresh responds:

epic review kind sage


i guess the gods ran out of 10-12 yr old kids to be chosen to be a hero

dommi-fresh responds:

yea after links zombie haunted hyrule they decided to go for the slightly more mature.

Too Sweet

I can picture the conversation Link and Navi are having

Navi: Hey Link we have to rescue the princess
Link: What AGAIN?!?!?! Can't a guy get some peace and quiet?
Navi: Repeatably press B get get out of your grave
Link mutters: Right and the first thing im going to do is kill you

Great work you should start your own zombie collection with some other heroes maybe samus or megaman

dommi-fresh responds:

yea i am thinking about doing a series of it


holy shit they should make a game like this maybe idk but this is awesome
good work mate

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks. i agree zombie loz would be awesome

Definitely one of your best pictures, I'd say. Fav for sure.

Fun fact: I once saw this picture on 4chan and saved it, because it was damn cool and now I know its origin. What a lucky coincidence (okay, it's not that funny, I've to admit).