Reviews for "link from beyond the grave"

You are my new best friend

This is beyond amazing I never would have thought someone would put such an epic twist on LoZ freaking awesome man

dommi-fresh responds:

glad you like it


Lol theres no way link would die from an arrow in his back, nevertheless, this is an awesome drawing

dommi-fresh responds:

from an arrow in his lung plus link can die alot but as long as he has a fairy he is coming back.
plus the arrow wasa light arrow from zelda dun dun dunnn


Left for ... Link XD

dommi-fresh responds:

do do do dooooo LINK found some pills and a semi automatic shotgun.

talk about willpower

Even death can't stop Link from saving Hyrule.

dommi-fresh responds:


My new favourite picture

This is so cool.

dommi-fresh responds:

my new favourite person ;D