Reviews for "link from beyond the grave"

too beautiful for words

i will say that now link has another person on his shit list
2.geezer that killed me
3. navi (STFU i kno how to walk dammit)

dommi-fresh responds:

navi was first on the list.

This is the best drawing of link I ever saw.

And thats saying alot...

dommi-fresh responds:

:O holy shit


Link as a redead simply awesome

dommi-fresh responds:

it certainly would be awesome for a game.

Oh Boy!

i'm so hungry i can eat a whole octorok's.....Brain! great job in detail and i guess ganon did him in..... DIE!

dommi-fresh responds:

nah it was zelda!

wow (pun intended)

Truely the Scourge . . . have won.
But seriously, nice, lots of detail, and I love the "Evil Fairy"

dommi-fresh responds:

evil navi is twice as annoying as before too.