Reviews for "link from beyond the grave"

this is stupid.
link was supposed to have a full body.
a temple filled with booby traps just so link couldnt get out?
link wanting revenge on hyrule?
navi turning red?
navi is a girl; not a guy
and THE MASTER SWORD should be put back in the pedestal of time once more so that the next hero of time could use it to take down ganondorf once more.
also, link wouldnt be able to wield the master sword if this really happened. Its THE SWORD OF EVIL'S BANE. period.

Definitely one of your best pictures, I'd say. Fav for sure.

Fun fact: I once saw this picture on 4chan and saved it, because it was damn cool and now I know its origin. What a lucky coincidence (okay, it's not that funny, I've to admit).

Cream on cake

This is da bomb, really. But you got it wrong. The tomb is in elfland in Final Fantasy I.
You know, just north o'that inn where they serve that most exquisite blueberry mead!! And plus do you always answer to comments posted on your art? Man you rock.

dommi-fresh responds:

i am answering you aren't i? p.s no offence but i hate final fantasy games LOZ all the way

Should be a tattoo

An excellent Tattoo idea, noone would question it.

dommi-fresh responds:

2 people have it as a tattoo already

Mario VS. Zombie Link

Amazing. The first thing I thought of when I saw this picture is how each Zelda game has a different Link. It would be awesome if some magic brought them all back from the dead to bring down Ganon.

dommi-fresh responds:

that would be epic