Reviews for "Mega Man RPG"


fire does the same amount of damage to ice man as anybody else... so what's the point? and your loops of spybreak inside dr. wiley's castle suck anus.

EmperorEvil responds:

well um if uve played the game, then ud know that the ice slasher works best on fire man and the fire blaster does normal damage to ice man. The Sequal will have more diverse weakness i promise.

very well done

I don't think you should call it an RPG. This is more of a fighting game.

EmperorEvil responds:

well um a fighting gane kinda has more interactivity where u get to press keys for attacks or whatever. I think this is more of an RPG. See nintendo RPG which is very similar but you cant lose and there is no randomness.


it was pretty cool but i the player should have more control instead just pressing buttons

EmperorEvil responds:

well um its an RPG and rpg's dont have much than pressin buttons anyway. But I do plan to make an interactive game just like super mario for mega man if I can figure out how :D


know that i am a big fan of mega man
so you get 10 and please make more RPG's