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Reviews for "Usagi"

Thank you coby!!!!!! youre so nice like rice hehehhehee hueueegeueguegueghu :^))) :OOOOO
i love you prennn.... <333

coby responds:


I was going to say~! The lineart has a different appeal to it this time, and the isometric hair coloring reminds me of how interesting it was to see on your Valentine's Day drawing :-]

It's not entirely too often you hear about an already talented artist talking about increasing their speed. If I can get more output from you while also seeing an increase in quality within your coloring, then 2020 is going to be a great year lol ^^

coby responds:

art is all about constant growth :)


love the use of perspective and light source, also that the piece is called Usagi, reminds me of "Usagi-chan de cue!"

love this