Reviews for "Mario & Flag Pole"


Not bad. Then again, not great either. Stuff like this has been done before. You should've made the movie dimensions larger and used actionscript to keep the sprites from getting all fuzzy.

((( HA )))

I will admitt a am not big on sprites but that was cool, really like how crisp the sprites are, but it was great as he jumped over the pole, could be better like a whole level of mishaps heh anyways nice job...


didnt like it...

everyone does the same idea as other people, mario vs flag pole, the mario bloobers, its wasnt new.

Not too great.

Unoriginal is the only word coming to mind. This required nothing more than a pulse and some kick ass programs to make.The only thing you did was the tweening and a halfassed peice of shit on the flag pole. It is better than the majority of the shit out there though.


why the fuck was he landing on poll all time and when he did there was like shit on it you weirdo