Reviews for "Mario & Flag Pole"

Average at best.

Why is the screen so damn small? Blow it up a little bigger and try to get the fuzz out of the graphics. It was halfway entertaining, until you started recycling things.


Not bad. Then again, not great either. Stuff like this has been done before. You should've made the movie dimensions larger and used actionscript to keep the sprites from getting all fuzzy.

Mario is crap at jumping

Unless you used a game genie, but then the game freezes when you are on the other side. The best you can do without cheats is land on the flag. Cool movie.


That was a good use of a "multiple take" joke. I liked at the end where he was falling; it would have been okay if he would have just hit the ground but having him land on the pole again was much funnier.

not too bad

this werent that bad but not great cool sound though made me feel nostalgic for vintage mario