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Reviews for "[ANIMATION] Ling Xiaoyu [TEKKEN]"

I thought this was Ramna 1/2 for a second ... Awesome work though.

Tekken!? And just when I was getting back into the comp scene of tekken 7!?

Thanks Blue!

Very adorable looking scene here Blue, looking great. But I must admit something... have never played a tekken game and have no idea what the hell is going on here. Looks cute though. Nicely done

That's just great, this fills me with nostalgia, Jin my main, but Xiaoyu is still pretty fun, and definitely cute!

I was a Nintendo kid growing up, and never had an original PlayStation. Never had anyone to play fighting games with either. But if I had a cute girl in a sexy Chinese dress on- I mean next to me, I certainly would have been down for that!