Reviews for "Bowser the Shredder || Mario64"

you've been touched by an angel with metal wings!

Simply AMAZING work!!! This needs to go diamond! oh and i do know that not many girls listen to heavy metal and thrash metal but i do! =3
now if only i could make stuff like this *sob*
P.S. i know what you should make next... the Meta-Ridley battle theme from metroid prime or "together we ride" from fire emblem
Keep on rockin'!

very very very nice

very very very nice
i could lien to is all day!


This song is (bitchin' in the kitchen)and (rockin'where the sun don't shine)! *Words in parenthesese are WTF words- they make no sense!
Keep up the good work!

Nintendo should be hiring you

Because your remixes are so good that it would make the games an automatic winner.


I bumped this up to 4.40.