Reviews for "Bowser the Shredder || Mario64"

You definitely get the feeling of "pissed off" that Bowser might feel after years of getting constantly beaten up by Mario, which kinda drove me into appreciating the character even more than I already did.

All in all, this render you did is a bloody masterpiece! Keep it up, pally! :)

I hate boser. I hater Bowser more now. Beyond SICK est mucic I've ever hears. Beyyond music is great music

This is frigging BADASS!

I really like the whole beat and tempo, as it fit this song. There was one part though at 0:56, where the guitar was really ugly. Other than that, it was really good. Kudos...

I been coming back every year to redownload this since I was youthful and evil. My Villainy is now more than ever powerful and ruthless. I'd say thank you, but I'm evil. So I won't destroy you

Oh hell yes this rock arrangement is a classic Mario tune of the audio portal