Reviews for "FF: Warfare 1 Original"

Well, well

this one was actually good.
New style, new idea, some new characters, Improved graphics, and you quit the clock crew.
You have outdone yourself this time, except for one thing.
Leo beating fighter? WTH??? This is an insignificant detail, not to worry about.
Make the next one as good or even better than this one.
Good luck.

Congratulations T-X4

HAcoreRD responds:

Next few episodes will have tons of new guys


Nice job....it OWNZ ur older flash

btw don't try to make Leo like Triple H cuz he won't job/lose to anyone.

HAcoreRD responds:

Leo will eventually lose, some1 will either kill him or defeat him in Combat.

Damn, cool, wish i could do that...

but the best animating software ive got is powerpoint!!! :( For fucks sake... anyway, i just wish to point something out...

dart74 sed in this review...

vincents gotta win i already warned u rememba i can blam the hell outa ur stuff

dart74, the world doesnt revolve around you, you cant just threaten to blam someone when they dont spend hours and hours of hard work making something that doesn't turn out the way you want it to. and btw, i could blam YOU dart74, im 2 levels higher, yur only lvl 4, uve got like... 0 blamming power.

did your dad really die?

i really liked it. the best part was when the summoner wasted that one guy.

HAcoreRD responds:

yes he did on september 25th, 2004

Good Job

Where did you find that starting music man I love that music the doo doo doo thing or sumtin like that.