Reviews for "Break THIS"


wow i cant beieve anyone voted on this, its awesome. NICE WORK. is this a techno song?

nubbinownz responds:

i dont know what genre it would go under.. maybe drum and bass / techno haha
thank you for the great review :D

COol song

Cool song, it opens my mind up


I love your work!! Combo Breaker ftw!!

Nice drum solo. btw.

If you can, please tell me what program you use to make your music!!

I really do like how this sounds.

This is very enjoyable. VERY enjoyable. I'm actually liking how this is sounding at this moment.. I was a little afraid it would get reptitive however you've done some damn good stuff with this. Love the melody. I'll add this to my fav's great work man!


nubbinownz responds:

thanks a bunch man! and good to see you again!

Nice beats

This song has got to be one of those that make you think of a fight on acid. An over all good song. I guess the reason im not giving a 10 would be the strange "combo breaker", Although thats what makes this song. You could of used it more often in my opinion, but in a more subtle sense. But like i said great song. I look forward to more of your works!

nubbinownz responds:

Hahaha, yeah man. this song was originally a bet for 20 dollars to see if i could build a song around that sample. I was originally going to use it more but I only had 2 use it twice :P