Reviews for "Break THIS"

Needs more cowbell... NOT!

Awesome as is man. Its work like this that inspires me to start making some music in the hopes that I can create something this epic.

Epicly Awesome

Tens and fives all around! =D

I know next to nothing about music, apart from what makes my ears happy. So far, all of your songs that I've listened to, on the better half of most of them, have managed to earn a thumbs up from me.

Thank you for making these pleasing songs. One can only hope you'll be making more in the near future, of the same awesome quality.

nubbinownz responds:

i actually JUST released a new one :) think about checking out . and thank you very much for the great review my man :D


I heard you for the first time when your TiedThe RoomTogether was song of the week, and i decided to check out some more of your songs. And i gotta say, i wasn't dissapointed! This is a great song, cool drums, sweet lead synth and the bass goes nicely with everything...Good job!

nubbinownz responds:

Muppet with another awesome review. Thank you very much sir. I really do appreciate it :)


wow i cant beieve anyone voted on this, its awesome. NICE WORK. is this a techno song?

nubbinownz responds:

i dont know what genre it would go under.. maybe drum and bass / techno haha
thank you for the great review :D