Reviews for "Break THIS"


This song redefines the instrument called "drums". Keeping making more!!!

nubbinownz responds:

hehe thanks man!


This is pretty nice, 10/10 my friend :) keep up the awesome work!...Oh btw..Killer Instinct much? >.> C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!! :D Thank you for this wonderful song, I see no flaws within this song.

LordRaziel -Out! *Dances on his way out* <(^_^<) <(^_^)> (>^_^)> ^(^_^)^

nubbinownz responds:

WOOOOO do it buddy! <3 I love killer instinct by the way. I was working on a KI remix at one point but I couldn't find a way to really improve on the original haha.

A kick ass breakbeat that i can wild out to

This is dope it's worth listening to when you wanna go all out doing crazy breakdance moves and kicking some ass in the streets late at night but this right here definiately kicks ass thanks for making it.

nubbinownz responds:

hehe thank you i just got an amazing mental image as i'm writing this haha.

same stuff...

And thats what makes it great. You never cease to amaze with your skill. You should never give this up. and i love the killer instinct sample. haha takes me back.

nubbinownz responds:

Hehe funny story about this song, It was a dare. My friends and I were all sitting around the balcony talking. And some how Combo Breaker came up. And he was like .. DUDE LOL that would be hilarious to put in a song.." I dare you to do it" At first i was like nah.. but then he double dared me, so you know i HAD to.

If it was a boss, it'd be broken :v

Excellent job, I'm proly gonna float around your other works too now x3