Reviews for "Break THIS"


I love your work!! Combo Breaker ftw!!

Nice drum solo. btw.

If you can, please tell me what program you use to make your music!!

ccccombo breaker

I literally burst out laughing when I heard *combo breaker*. Very well done. Although Im not sure if the *combo breaker* was in there for it's theme or anything else.. Now everytime I hear *break* or *combo* this pops into my head .

Raise Your Fists in Defiance

This song doesn't actually hold too much for me, except the feeling it portrays. Riots on streets. Punks. Break THIS. Song is actually kind of calm, especially the use of synths and pads. Melody synth is extremely cool. In a way, drums are a bit run-of-the-mill Amen or otherwise familiar break. The song's production is still fantastic, and the song is far from boring, even if a little too familiar. I can't bring myself to give you lower than an 8 except for Space Blaster.

COol song

Cool song, it opens my mind up