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Reviews for "Chasing Blue Stars"

Damn man ^^

This is one nice nice song
Damn im looking forward to hear more from you =] ^^
btw u already got one 0 voter -.-

i'll upvote it for you a little ^^
3.13 / 5.00 (+ 3.13)
lucky he was pretty low lv :D

Anyways you got my 5/5 10/10 :)

Grtz ~ [W]eemeee Your biggest friend lolz XD

Imn responds:

It appears that I've already got a few more 0 voters. Gotta love people who want to keep other music at the top just for fame...

Thank you for the review, it is much appreciated. I'll be a man of my word and check out more of your music, even though I've listened to some already!

raise the points

tsk man ppl should raise ur points never heard such a good song in a while

Imn responds:

I don't understand people entirely... oh well. I'm glad that you like the song. Any comments or feedback means a lot to me, and is in fact what drives me to become better.

Hey I like this.

This isnt like all the other trance songs on this site. All the others sound damn near the same, and so I stopped listening to trance songs on here. But yours is different. I really like it. I like the change it goes through.


this was amazing its been added and I have added you to my audio portal fav lists aswell as your profile as an artist this is an amazing song with perfect bass awsome quality and style it can only desserve 5.

Imn responds:

You don't appear in my list of people who have added me to their list of favorites. Thank you for the "Congratulations!" (although I don't know why I am being congratulated), and I'm glad you enjoyed the song.


Right = The song has a pretty catchy feeling to it. While it does have it's flaws, there's times where the song can take off in places. It's better than most Trance songs releasing lately on NGs, so you should honestly be proud of that.

Wrong = You progressed/mastered the song a little weird. First off, you did the right thing at the start, the mono synth and the beat were good, but what should follow probably 16 or 32 bars after the very intro should just be the addition of the acid bass. If you need an example, my song Wicked my come to of some help. All you would really need to do is keep on adding and adding to that first beat, keep it consistent, and then hit the break that would go into the melody. This is all of course if you're trying to make a Progressive/Melodic Trance.

You could use a little more diverse synths. The main synth was a bit overused and lacks the quality of a professional sound,I guess I should say it should be a more crisp synth, so those notes can be better acknowledged. It's also got to be a bit catchy along the way before the melody, which you seem to of distributed a pretty catchy beginning.

I really can't help much here. I just don't know what kind of Trance your trying to master here. At times it does remind me of Progressive, but then at other times it comes across as Club/GOA.

Anyways, what do I know >.<

Imn responds:

I don't consider myself a professional. Honestly, I know very little about music (which would explain the wrong points), but I create songs that sound good to me. I would say that the arp definitely comes off as Goa.

I have already heard some of your music, and your review is very helpful in the certain aspects of progressive trance that I seem to be missing. I will take your words into heavy consideration and may even edit the song itself and submit a newer, better version. Thank you!