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Reviews for "Chasing Blue Stars"


this was amazing its been added and I have added you to my audio portal fav lists aswell as your profile as an artist this is an amazing song with perfect bass awsome quality and style it can only desserve 5.

Imn responds:

You don't appear in my list of people who have added me to their list of favorites. Thank you for the "Congratulations!" (although I don't know why I am being congratulated), and I'm glad you enjoyed the song.


Well, since you wanted a review...

I'll tell you the first thing that stuck in my head after listening to the song.

at 2:30 with the slowly crescendoing lead (masterfully done) with the ping-pong delayed hats (also awesome) the bass that pops in for a second, then comes out, pops back in was a very nice touch.

And then back to the Four on the Floor beat, which works extremely well for this sort of thing.

With the main synth at 3:40 starting to play two leads, or they're close to the same synth anyways, they sound to be a bit out of tune with each other. This could be easily remedied by slightly changing one of the synths. It would sound awesome from what I can hear with the notes, but the synths hold too many competing harmonics.

The slow fade-in fade-out works perfectly for a dj-style club track.

The mastering is excellently done, nothing peaks nor is the bass section of the song extremely muddly.

Since this song is extremely awesome in all ways, why did it get a 9?

Because if I go to a club, the DJ won't miss a beat by playing this, and everybody will rock out to it. However. It's just not going to be the one that I'll be humming to myself for days afterwards...


Seriously. There are quite a few parts that would sound even better with that addition- namely the already awesome breakdown at 2:30. I know you set yourself a deadline, but a little extension of it for that would be awesome. :D

Speaking of awesome. This track is McAwesome, fived, and downloaded.

Note to self: Check out other songs by Imn. Masterclass skill. :D

Imn responds:

Yay, thanks for checking it out! I feel honored to have had you review one of my tracks.

The pad starting at 3:40 does not sound out of tune to me, honestly. I don't know if I will try the remedy for the problem which you have brought to my attention, but it will be considered.

As for the vocoded vocals, I think it would be worth trying. If you have any ideas as to how something like that should go for this track, please let me know; I'm not too experienced with that kind of stuff. =P

Thank you very much for the review. Glad you enjoyed the McAwesome track!

Original product here folks

This is a pretty sick, intensive track right here. I'm really digging the underheard of synths (did you make em yourself?) and the nice samples to make a really nice overall mix. The basskick is loud and pumping, while still having a nice sharp texture. I like those panned percussion in the intro, and cool samples throughout the rest of the track.

I like the bassy saw and the nice catchy melodies, that filtered/gated thingy (I dont know what its called) or whatever that synth is that starts around 1:29, and how you use a good variety of instruments to keep this interesting, and well variated yet similar themes throughout. The interlude at 2:20ish reverbed interlude was nice, and I like the trancey synthstring pads and how you morph too different sounds, very glad you included this part in here. Panned percussion around 4:10ish is cool again, and a nice epic last two minutes to finish the track-definetly had my head bobbin. This would be great in a laser/futuristic shootout center or something along those lines.

I dont think there's really any necessary additions or altercations that need to made on this track. One point that didnt really catch my attention was the intro; it felt a bit empty and lacking some interesting introduction element. The first synth melody was weak by itself, maybe a nice echoing sine in the background would be a good fit, or maybe change the constant 4/4 kick (like on the 7th bar, include a kick in between both original beats) too add some spice. and just to go overboad, maybe a lead solo synth somewhere along the lines in here with just a bassline and drums going- but they may not be typical of trance.

So, I'm not fan of trancebut I definetly appreciate when I hear a refreshing, new track like this one- I really can't find anything wrong with it. perfectly crafted synths with interesting effects and filters with suitable blended samples, excellent mastering work, and a decent overall composition. Good job!

Imn responds:

I used Sytrus and Vanguard mostly to produce the synths in the song.

As with almost any song you'll find, it is never perfect, and you will always have your idea on what would make it better. A lot of the trance I have listened to has a long and slow intro, and this is mostly because it's easier for DJs to get a non-stop mix going with smooth transitions. I can understand what your ideas are, and they may very well have been nice augmentations. There was so much more I wanted to do with the track, but I did not want to get carried away, so I set a deadline.

I'm glad you enjoyed the track. Thank you very much for this great review, it is much appreciated!

Hey I like this.

This isnt like all the other trance songs on this site. All the others sound damn near the same, and so I stopped listening to trance songs on here. But yours is different. I really like it. I like the change it goes through.

raise the points

tsk man ppl should raise ur points never heard such a good song in a while

Imn responds:

I don't understand people entirely... oh well. I'm glad that you like the song. Any comments or feedback means a lot to me, and is in fact what drives me to become better.