Reviews for "rest stop"


i cant find any mistake or dislike in my opinion... just the little robot eye.. it has a little dot that i dont like a lot or maybe i dont understand it....

this is realy good

you are one of my fav artist i have to say and this is one of the best things i have seen yet


may I ask... is she on mars? or any other planet?

rtil responds:

a ficitional planet


First off, I think that this picture is just amazing. I like it how the sky contrast with the girl and the landscape.
10/10 for colors.
This is the perfect balence of colors, I dont think you could have gotten away with different colors and have it be so eye catching.
10/10 for details.
The detail on this is incredable, it must have taken you a long time. I had to zoom in to 400% to be able to major pixels.
10/10 for overall picture.
This is just a really cool picture and I like it(im favoriting it). The name of it is even a really good name, rest stop, makes you wonder what the story is behind this. I also like how its a forien planet and its desolet to make you look at the girl. Speaking of the girl, I like it how you darkened her out a little bit so you have to look close and find the real part of the picture. She looks like she could possibly be sexy, nice and skinny and very mysterious(like an emo girl). The look of her hair is very nice, it looks very modern on her, its so not 1900s.

Thank you for drawing this and I cant wait for your next drawing in the near future. Sorry for the long review.

looks like its out of casshern sins nice as always^^