Reviews for "I love my Marine"


Thats what im looking for >:D

tarahloveshentai responds:


Yeah, maybe...

Okay, it could have a better use of collor, a much better one. It's not that good, but it's better than the most of my pencil-only work. 3 points just because you didn't used photoshop ^^. 2 because it's not bad as so as it's not that good. And 2 bonus because it has a meaning, not just a drawn is it? No, it's something more, it's a letter to your love saying that you love him and you wants him to fuck you ^^.

tarahloveshentai responds:

:D we ended up getting married, lol

I'm sure he'd like the real thing...

What's she lying on? Those class A's he's wearing sure look uncomfortable. Yeah, he's gonna likey.

tarahloveshentai responds:

:D He did, thank you

you are doing him the biggest favor by sending him not just letters, but letters he can satisfy himself with while he's away. you're a smart chick.

Valiant Effort, hindered by color

Conceptually you are on your way. The composition isn't as cliche or haphazard as most art of this style. But a bit more observation and study of clothing dynamics would greatly help future pieces. You've got a wonderful idea of the scarf as a unifying element to guide the eye, but its flatness doesn't entice the viewer to actually follow it properly.

If the coloring and filling in of the lines wasnt so messy and arbitrary this piece could be much more dynamic, even if the line work isnt perfect.

Also lined paper..... tsk tsk.

tarahloveshentai responds:

This was on a letter to a friend so I wasn't going for clean or anything. I suppose I should have put it under sketch rather than art.

Since I do the old school way of paper and colored pencils, I find it hard to tie in a background or anything. I wish I could learn to do art on the computer, that way everything gets filled in and comes out very clean.

Thank you for your commentary though, it was really helpful.