Reviews for "Mission Street (Acoustic Ver.)"

well this song is a lot better in the game...

but defiatly not by much! this adds a classy and chaming twist to the actual song and i have to say, i love it! although i DO hate you now as for the past month i have been obsessed with completingsonic adventure DX (i did it about 16 times in the past month including school and eating and sleeping and all that stuff) and i managed to FINALLY get unhooked from the game's curse and youve made me want to play it again! ARGH!!!!!

Err, wow...

I always loved Tails and his Street music but I never heard it like that, before...
Impressive. I hope no one will be idiot enough to downrate this badly. This is a very good sound to hear.

BeatDarkX responds:

Thanks ^^


Absolutely amazing in every sense of the term. I'm putting this on my iPod. This song was a total nonstalgia rush.

BeatDarkX responds: