Reviews for "Mission Street (Acoustic Ver.)"


Nice arranging, it's above average as far as writing goes. The sound is a bit cheesy but since when is video game music not? I wouldn't promote a midi piece as Acoustic though clearly at some points you can doublethink yourself into believing that you are listening to an Acoustic guitar. Of course, then you'll hear a rapid fire succession of notes that gives away the midi nature of your stuff, or you'll just exceed the guitar's range and it'll sound extra-tinny.

However, this was very well done. I look forward to hearing what you do with multiple instruments.

I like it

kinda puts a vacationy feel to it

U really needed

you really needed a piano and a wind instrument of some sort
other than that GREAT JOB

Nice and Smooth

I like how you took a sound that was so fast paced and turned it completely around and made it relaxing. make me want to take a vacation

Oh Wooow!

This is amazing! I'm a perfectionist when it comes to S.A.2 songs (Being its my favorite sonic game of all time and all) And this seems like it could be part of the game itself. Just one of the chill moments during the credits or something! Lol, this is my first comment ever so, I just gotta say. AmazingJob and keep up the great work.