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Reviews for "Kegel: TMASET rnd 1"

The out takes are the best

The best character, was Kook. El camino!

hehehehe... he winds the window down... hehe.

heh. dud, if "style is a credit atributed to more than just the graphics, then you've EARNED all my ten. Well done!

..."if you don't do a job right..." hehehehehehehe


yea, it was allright, but the only reason why I'm reviewing this is because episodes 4 and 7 no longer work.

I have watched this before when it first came out.

I have watched this before when it first came out.must have been hard following what joecartoon did...lol well it was funny and my friend liked it. I hope your all can make a TMASET3. Maybe?

u suk

Why dont u get yer own shit insted of stealing other sites like joecartoon and killfrog ect