Reviews for "SM64 Dire Dire (Breakcore rmx)"

I love breakcore, and this song, with no doubt, is neat.


Why did you add all the extra stuff to this beat?.... It sounded good by its self o.o I just liked it plain a bit more this time...



Yay :3

"this song sux becuz of th gerne"
Shut up Quasko--just because you don't like a genre doesn't mean it's a good song. Seriously, the melody fits in perfect and I see no problem with this song at all. You just don't like it for no good reason at all.

Pixl, you did a great job with this and I'm proud to be able to review it :P

I don't mind breakcore at all.

But I'm not sure it should be applied to a song as calm and relaxed as Dire Dire Docks.

BadCommandCo responds:

Idk. Squarepusher has a few songs with very relaxing melodies set to breakcore breats, and it always sounded great to me.