Reviews for "SM64 Dire Dire (Breakcore rmx)"


I kinda gotta agree with Aerodin below me here, it's meant to be a peacefult tune, but when the effects kicked in, IDK... It kinda fit...

oooh no you didn't :S

you did it with great instruments, but after 1:31 (when the streetworker kicks in) it's just really disturbing... Diredire docks really should be a calm and peacefull tune, and that part ruined it for me.
Just being honest with you.
But really thumbs up on the calm part.


You have hit the best tune in the whole of mario ever straight away!!!
Nicely done..

Plus it sounds beautiful.


It brings tears to my eyes...


BadCommandCo responds:

Thank you!

Sounds Relaxing

Hah! another good remix to another good Mario 64 tune.