Reviews for "SM64 Dire Dire (Breakcore rmx)"


I submitted a dnb remix of this song the other day, and then I realized you had this, it kicks the shit out of mine. Same with your Super Mario Land Remix to my Super Mario Land Remix. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DO IT MAN!?


You should remake it and slowly ease in the idea of the beats and sfx and then make the song get all quiet and break out! :D (just a suggestion)


but I have to agree with everyone below me.


i like it at first but right after 1:31 it was all a suddenly anoyying because a burst of techno or sumthing burst right in their and it was anoyying haff it was good haff was bad

BadCommandCo responds:

Techno. That word never sounds intelligent. It's a shame you can't tolerate breakcore, it's a great genre.

very nice

wonderful rendition of the song. absolutely marvelous and impossibly subtle. congrats.

if you're interested i have an acoustic version of this piece on my page.
great stuff