Reviews for "Madness Avenger"


I was waiting for the next maddness movie, sure hopes this beats Gunny Bunny for this week. my fingers are crossed! don't Stop a Rockin!!!

Douglas Adams would be proud.

When I thought this series couldn't get any better; amazing graphics, awesome action, an interactive game, and now this; the inclusion of the Improbability Drive from the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy books makes for one of the most original, hilarious, craziest, most amazing films I have EVER seen on Flash. You are officially my God. I loved this film to death. You are incredible. Please don't ever stop making these.

how do you do it!

i could not keep saying O my God..but the ending i said O my fucking god..
That was the best thing i ever saw dude...This will be #1

Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy!

Priceless stuff, Nuff said


Love the madness series, and this is absolutely amazing. Great job, loved the improbability drive (from hitchikers guide to galaxy?). Can't stress how much I liked this.