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Reviews for "Give me shelter"

Such a shame there's that four threads a day limit though, this'd be the perfect time to be prolific as never before! Gotta love the spacey dungeon vibe here, beer cans endlessly dropping into the cosmos as Andry Faic gazes upon you... both a suitably symbolic and creatively cozy/imaginative kind of atmosphere. And I can't spot any loop defects albeit maybe the flame.

Seems like an endless supply of beer but disturbingly limited supply of toilet paper though. Imagining a similar loop where you're just unrolling an endless roll of toilet paper...

Good stuff.


*Applaud while highly recommend approves this entry*

Luis, your pixel art is insanely entertaining. Love the TP rolls.

Haha yeah the beer part looks like me! :D

I have to say that both the music and the art are great ... ¡¡¡GREAT JOB LUIS!!!