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Reviews for "Nikki"


why does she get to be so happy >:(

The background is overall just really nice and fits with this character. The window that reflects, what could be looking like a sub-urban area with the streetlamp in the background, is a really nice touch.
Love her wild brown hair! Like her smug look with a slight blush. The ears fits really well with the hair both in colour and the way you drew them on her (in short it doesn't look weird at all)
Her pose with her arms crossed makes her look badass. Although, her crop top do expose her chubbiness a bit, I still think she looks cute.

I think Nikki deserves a heart from me! x)

SH0TT responds:

Thank you :)
And thanks for analyzing it in detail, i appreciate the attention!

The colours are really warm and cozy, this is a really nice piece.

Also, I dunno if this sounds odd but I genuinely appreciate her body type, the thick thighs and tummy are quite cute. Nice job on this, she's adorable!

SH0TT responds:

Ain't nothing odd about appreciating chub, mate!
Chubby ladies are powerful beings

And thank you :)

Like the energy and style! Keep at it!