Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

Very Cool

This is in the direction that sprite theatre should be headed. Excellent work on story arc and some really funny additions to a classic game. If you can put a plotline like this to something like Phantom Fighter or Space Hulk, it would be classic.


you bastard you killed duke nukem!I liked the twist that you put on it boh the jasons end and how the girl said the guy did the murders


Funny parody! I really loveed it!

Yea sorry Mart. Oh that was a pumariphic!

The timing was perfect, there was no room to think if the movie was still growing or not, it went smoothly. Peace 'n growth

The reall GHandisrage REALLY!

this is crazy!

There is no way to say this movie isn't Tee-totally insane, cause it just is!