Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

it fucken rocks!

great movie... the graphics were created well, and it was funny too!

Pretty damn good!

When I first saw this on the Top 5 I thought I was going to be pissed off because I made 2 NES Jason Parodies.. but this one actually turned out to be really really good. It was really long too! Damn! I loved how you made the lady from "The Facts of Life" turn into Jason's mother. I think this deserves to be in my favorites although I think if I ever watch it again I am gonna have to be really bored and want to waste some time away. Good show!


that was the best friday the 13th parody ever !! it wasnt really anything like a friday the 13th movie except for some scenes , i thought it was kinda funny to have jason be afraid of his mother lol or atleast i thought thats what was goin on lol . the only part that sorta bugged me was that in the opening credits when the hockey mask flys in like from part 5 , part 5 didint have jason so it had a diffrent hockey mask with blue stripes , but your movie had jason , so why the hell wasnt it HIS mask flying in !! or maybe part 5 is the only one you saw , well sorry to tell you but thats not jasons mask , jasons has red stripes .

Excellent Work

I enjoyed watching this. Its an interesting twist on the game which is also damn near impossible to beat. Loved seeing the South park kids in there as well. Well done.


I just don't understand how people can trash this movie. Looks like this guy spent a lot of creative time on it. I was impressed with the story and choice of characters. Joevill...please keep up the great work and don't listen to these idiots that cannot offer you any constructive criticism. (inmerit, thedemonicangel, Legato132, RadishAttack, KL0WNS, Goldnog----> If you can't offer any creative criticism, stay off newgrounds. We don’t want you here!!