Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

That was awesome!

it was a very long movie but it was funny all the way to the end!


Nothing special here. It wasn't that funny. Nor was all that interesting when i started watching it. And even with regard to the "this is not an animation" thing, it dragged on too long and didn't have enough good jokes to carry it. I know you can do better than this.

Very cool!

I liked it! It was loads of fun to watch. It makes me whish I picked up the game back in the day. But... back in the day, Jason scared the hell out of me!


Uh... But you say its a film not an animation? It looks alot to an animation to me... Can you tell me the difference of the two and why this one is not an animation?

Nice job for a NES spoof

That was a pretty good movie. hope you'll make a sequal. I've played the game before and you got the taking forever to kill him right lol


bio... those from sprites from Friday the 13th game on NES.. lol thats so true jason takes hours to kill