Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

Worthwile watch

It was enjoyable. A bit long, but a worthwile watch.


maybe the girl shoulda scared jason by tryin to have sex with him or something that woulda been hilarious!!

it was ok

it was a-bit long but it was good. i think you could of had jason get hurt in a different way. we know he will not die. we arent stupid.


That was pretty cool. I saw a review with someone saying how all the "13 year old type" sex alcohol and drug jokes made it horrible, i dont think it made it horrible.. and if you watch any of those movies thats the kind of jokes you will see, though i admit some of those jokes were a little more junior-high schoolish then anything you will see in those movies.. the "STFU", "OMG" stuff in the dialogue bothered me though and screwed up the professional feeling... and that stupid game menu next to the screen bothered me, but i understand if the animation looked messed up if it was bigger(and i know its there in the real game so dont blow me off as a dumbass for that :P). I didnt like the "Facts of Life" thingy at the end... you couldve scared jason in a way thats not so stupid... you could have made it an insane crazy scene where everything--- goes insane... or even - FUNNY.. in a insane crazy-ish way... but that was dumb.

Good job anyway, maybe you'll get a sequel on the front page also, some distant day from now... just make some of the jokes a little less "junior-high schoolish"
I understand its your movie and you can do what you want.. just giving you some advice that could possibly make your score better in the future if you plan on a sequel.

pretty good

this was pretty good. nice music. the jacking off parts made me laugh a little. overall it was pretty good. also funny with duke nukem.