Reviews for "Friday The 13th Part Deux"

it could be so much better

man i really hoped this movie would be good i really did

oh my goodness

wow. this movie was a wait of time more or less. there where some funny parts , mainly having to deal with duke, but other than that, terrible. way to long and annoying in general. i sat here for like 10 mins frying my brain in a totally useless way. i would at least like to enjoy the frying of my brain. but this little spoof didn't do it for me. maybe it was because i was never a big fan of jason movies and thought they were corny in and of themselves mixed with the fact that i had never played the game. it was very repeditive and repeated its self a lot. (lol) just a total peice of crap i would say. it was a good idea, but wasn't followed through to the fullest. thats bout it.

Hilarious this movie was krunk.

Please make a part 2.

great work

hey man that was good shit.
Go the facts of life!!!

ps - How come u didnt have someone wake jason by disturbing him while having sex.

kinda stupid

and VERY LONG. but nice 3-bit