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Reviews for "Portal Defenders Picollage Piece"

Great piece. Faithful to the original game and a charming crowd piece on its own.

I hope Luis and Bom make the sequel soon. I want to be able to decapitate you and PhantomArcade as Tom Fulp!

looks amazing! really great work.

*sniffle* *sniffle*

D'awwwww man! This is SO cool. It gives me all sorts of feels. If there was ever anything that made me want to make a sequel, this is it. Thanks so much for capturing the feeling of the game in a fresh new way. I hope there is an "NG Con" some day and we can re-create this image with all the people in it.

Absolutely love this.

To describe this with one word "Cool" * thumbs up *

looks really good man! gives me old street fighter group illustration vibes if that makes any sense

IvanAlmighty responds:

oop kept meaning to respond to this, thanks dude!! I was totally going for that vibe so you hit the nail on the head, I wish I had pulled it off better but I'm glad you caught it