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Reviews for "Portal Defenders Picollage Piece"

*sniffle* *sniffle*

D'awwwww man! This is SO cool. It gives me all sorts of feels. If there was ever anything that made me want to make a sequel, this is it. Thanks so much for capturing the feeling of the game in a fresh new way. I hope there is an "NG Con" some day and we can re-create this image with all the people in it.

Absolutely love this.

looks amazing! really great work.

Great piece. Faithful to the original game and a charming crowd piece on its own.

I hope Luis and Bom make the sequel soon. I want to be able to decapitate you and PhantomArcade as Tom Fulp!

This is awesome! There’s so many subtle touches I keep opening it and looking at it. I never thought about the wormhole that this game was until you brought it up. It really is a tight knit lil community like the animal crossing game except with more than one person and no fishing.

this is really quite lovely and im glad to be here on NG.