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Reviews for "Through the Horizon <(^^,)>"

It was nice, but a little booring!

Good enough, but a little booring and repetitive.. Btw may i ask you what you use for drumming (pattern trigger, keyboard, or just the pattern in fl?

Sp1r1T responds:

Pattern sequencer in FL


I really liked it and all but the drums came on a little strong in the begging it kinda hurt my ears. I listened to it with head phones on so maybe the results could have been different.

the last part was nice

i liked the last part of the song. the first minute and a half or so was kinda slow/not that exciting : D

Okay, not bad

Hm. There are some good and some not so good parts in this song. Let's start with what I did not like - the basses. Somewhere near the end of the song, they were starting to sound scratchy and not very pleasant. The other thing that doesn't really match my taste is the rhythm. It's rather slow and not very catchy, if you know what I mean. What I did like however is that the main theme and the beginning captures the song title well - I imagine planes flying on a sunny day, twisting around and making all sorts of stunts. Clear blue sky. If you only managed to capture that vibe more, I would have liked this on a whole new level. Possibly less basses and add something that could help reach that "flying" mood - electric piano or something.