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Reviews for "Through the Horizon <(^^,)>"

this on was

it was ok, not your best, but its still good

Sp1r1T responds:

Huh? Yeah, Its not my best.

It was cool.

it was alright. It just didn't really catch me that much. It was pretty cool though. So whatever. Nice track dude keep it up.

Sp1r1T responds:

Yeah, its not really powerful. Its just slow and rhythmic.

Pretty good!

Wow that sounds very techno and makes you want to rave like a motherfucker lol.

Keep it up! Maybe had some louder bass/drum ?

Hmm, interesting.

At first, the audio sounded a little slow but then, other things started to come up and things got interesting from there. Rhythms started to show up and other beats came into play. The bongos kinda sounded weird yet good at the same time, which was crazy to say the least. This was cool. I liked it. Nice work Spirit! :D

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It was nice, but a little booring!

Good enough, but a little booring and repetitive.. Btw may i ask you what you use for drumming (pattern trigger, keyboard, or just the pattern in fl?

Sp1r1T responds:

Pattern sequencer in FL