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Reviews for "Through the Horizon <(^^,)>"


This is going in one of my animations!

I need these songs!

Please tell me that there is some possible way to get the mp3 files of your songs, these truly deserve to be blasted in the party scene of Newfoundland. I search this page and the songs do not seem to be shared, so I would greatly appreciate if there is anyway to maybe get my hands on some of sp1r1ts mp3 files???

Sp1r1T responds:

the little floppy disk logo :P


i love ur little melodies lol

nice woot

very nice

Man I dont get it.

This is a mediocre track the bongos dont even switch up.

Not even gonna get into it with ya on the EQ and mastering issue.

But its a good song thats a understatement.
But how does my work get missed and this gets top 5 of the week

Kind of wack...

Sp1r1T responds:

advertise, get fans and advertise some more. you arrogant dick.