Reviews for "Mario in Black"

Ahh Mario....you crazy bastard...

Very Very good flash!! I especially loved the way mario dances...Pure genius!! Can't wait 2 see the second part of it. Great Flash!! And let's be honest, it is much better than a whole lot of flashes in the top 50 right now and deserves better!! But, that's life 4 ya....o well


I love how you used Earthbound backgrounds for that sucker....can't wait to see the next segment.


dont listen to the others that say it sucks cuz i thought it was good make a 2nd 1 i want to see if he actually gets that girl

to the last reviwer

man omg if i was you i wouldnt be talking you probably never even made a flash movie idiot, could you do better?anyway nice style sprites my fav style :)


Don't diss his english, you people need to realize that his home country's language is not english but is actually Spanish. Learn a foreign language and become fluent in it before you say anything. Now on to my review: I thought this movie was hilarious. I'm sure great thought, time, and effort was put into it. Was kind of short compared to a lot of movies I've seen but I'm not taking off any points for that. This was truly an excellent film; I am looking forward to seeing your next creation.