Reviews for "Kung Tai Ted Vs. The World"

Sure, in that episode things happen that way...

...But in the larger sense, The Man With No Name (Clint Awesomewood ) always wins.

Nice drawing though.

I've got my money on Popeye.

The guy can move islands by eating a leafy vegetable, just imagine what he could do to your face.


But can only give you a nine 'cause Clint Eastwood would pop that motherfucker before he kung-fu kicked his head.
Fuck yeah Popeye!


I've actually seen the movie you're referencing... I think your work is actually better quality

I thought the same thing Malus

But then I double took as well. I feel like Ted should be straight cock slapping Popeye at the same time as kicking The Man with No Name and James..
But that's just me.
Overall clean work, and quite entertaining.