Reviews for "Kung Tai Ted Vs. The World"

My name is... I have no name. But \I am's what I asm'... now where's me spinach..., or my vodka martini,...

It's sad that you haven't submitted something to the art portal in five years! You are such a great artist! Well, maybe doing so would kill the variety your stuff has. Eh, whatever. It's great to see all these pop culture icons together fighting! My favorite would have to be Popeye.

It's probably because he's the most cartoonish. It even looks like he was the hardest to draw. He's so different than the other characters. Yeah, I love Brad Jones too! I just noticed I don't recognize half the guys here.

Gawd damn Kung Tai 'n Popeye interrupting a duel...whatever.

the good bad and the ugly, a fistful of dollars and for a few dollars more are some of my facourite movies.

This illustration is amazing in so many ways, but...where the hell is Popeye's corncob pipe!?