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Reviews for "Mount January"

Some dude on a hill: *Sees the woman in the horizon* Damn thata big'o lady...Would like to dive into her mountains.

(But the poor joke aside, the art is amazing dude. Keep doing what your doing.)

SH0TT responds:

Thanks mate, glad you appreciate the big'o lady

This is incredible mate. Dunno if I’m just into really big ladies or what. But I’m really diggin this. The details of all the various people the sparks for the fire the beautiful glow of the moonlight or her statuesque figure eclipsing it all. Couldn’t love it more 🙏🏻 I’ll be hitting you up very soon good sir

SH0TT responds:

Thank you mate! :)

lol why does she have the look of "oh boy these guys again why cant they just leave me alone?" just awesome keep up the good work!

SH0TT responds:

She is very confused
Who are these tiny people anyway?

(Thank you!)

Really cool!

god-tier work, home-slice

SH0TT responds:

Thank you mate..