Reviews for "Jug punch"

well put mister bigwig sir

yes this is just like the shit that got me to stay at NG...thanx man that shit was funny

I agree with NG

Dopey as it may be, this Flash is funny. I like the goofy sound effects and the sheer brevity of the cartoon itself. If the voting page worked right now, I'd give this a 5. Bring on the hilarity, Jimmy!

p.s. How about a Jugs Beating Game?

cornbeef responds:

i have bigger things in mind than making this interactive. srry

Good but too short

Make the next one longer plz.


That really hit a soft spot in my heart. Keep 'em coming champ!

cornbeef responds:

aye aye captain

aye, plz get rid of it

MappyTheKlown is absolutely right. There is no point in protecting this stupid flash. It's neither funny nor is it something special.

I know Newgrounds started with movies that would not be up to our days standards, but heck, this shit is way below the content Newground held when it started. 3 pointless seconds of a black guy punching a white woman's breats. oh please..

There are many good movies from promising up-coming artists which get blammed for no reason. Why not protect them, but instead this crap??

cornbeef responds:

the ones that got blammed deserved it. i thought figured this deserved to be blammed but the NG staff thinks other wise. :) oh well. srry to cause u a brain anurism