Reviews for "Jug punch"


Boobariffic!! All the bouncing and big tits we need to see with alot of action!!!!!


I first blammed this when it was submitted because A)Background was then red (i hate red) and B) creator updated the sounds. before it was a bad sound of a spoon hitting a bucket.

AND NG STAFF. THIS IS ON NO WAY THE SAME LEVEL AS THE SEALS, TELLETUBBIES, READING RAINBOW AND THE LIKE. THIS IS JUST POINTLESS. i have a great sence of humor, and fail to see any in this. it will be much better when the creator puts this into a full lenght movie.

u have some skillz, just continue with them!

cornbeef responds:

Ty for complimenting my skills. i know the movie is shit :P. another note. the sounds b4 were not a bucket and a spoon. they came from my mouth :D


That was absolutely priceless. It may be short, but it's GOOD!

..............i dont get it

you gotta have a damn good sence of humor too laugh at that

cornbeef responds:

nah just a cheesy sense of humor :)


I pretty much gave "all or nothing" score. This is something you don't need to think about(and you probably shouldn't) to find funny.

cornbeef responds: