Reviews for "Jug punch"

honest review

I read the last review, by Twisted_Animations, i read the statement NG had to say. Imma act like I never did read them. Dude that wasn't all that funny in all honesty. It wasn't good or barly decent. Just no.

cornbeef responds:

im sorry?

isnt it wierd how that works

everyone was all voting poorly on it until the guy from NG writes something about it. Now everyone is giving it 8s, 9s, and 10s. It's like what ever NG thinks is cool then everyone else thinks its cool. Idk, maybe its me but i think its weird how ppl do that. But anyway, i did get a little laugh out of it. Lets hope to see something with a little more effort next time though.

Its really not that bad

It may have been extremly short but it wasnt bad. I dont think this deserved turd of the week, i have seen some terrible, very long entries. Plus it was funny. Looks like fun to me :)!

Thats funny stuff.....

If only they made those wacky sounds when you smacked them around.

cornbeef responds:

ummmmm i have to disagree with u there


that was pretty damn funny