Reviews for "Jug punch"

Blessed by the NG staff...

and I will vote this as decent, too. It shows that even the shortest films are capable of passing.


a short movie wasn't exactly what i thought this was going to be.
this would've been better as a game

Not so bad

I arrived on this movie after sawing two other "movies" that you submitted today... They were exactly the same, without any content inside, just 2 sticks "moving" for about 2 seconds or less (there was actually no animation at all).
I had a look on this one because of the red text from the admins. I agree with them. This movie is not so bad and funny. I have seen much worse that has been saved so I don't know why it should be deleted because it lasts only 3 seconds. The graphics are good, the sound too, that's pretty funny.
You show that you have some good skills.
Now, I'm wondering why you submitted the two other "movies" today... That seems to be non-sense to me.

((( LOL )))

That was just crazy, i like the note that the ng staff posted heh, this was just plain silly, but it has some really smooth animation, haha...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A silly little turd of the week...



this is stolen from a short part in "cat gang"


im afraid

well its just not really good to take something from someone elses movie and then call IT a movie...

is it?


cornbeef responds:

LMAO! ok check this out. this was submitted before cat gang. if you check out the dates. and neither this nor cat gang was stolen. what does that tell you?