Reviews for "Jug punch"

Good graphics

It's too bad this lacked length and content. I do recognize, however, that there was definite talent in putting that together. Wacky is definitely the word for this.

get a sense of fucking humor

People people people we must learn that it is a joke not a life or death thing. It is a harmless joke.

How is this funny?

I dont get it, now if the bitch fell down in pain at the end. THAT would be funny.

Lighten up people

This was made to be a funny little short.. I mean really.. some of you people need to find a sense of humor.. even if you just chuckle at it a little, the author has done his job right.

O man...

That was funny... you know what you should do! make a fighting game where you got to fight.. THE JUGS.. that would totally kick major ass..